Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just Tuesday Thoughts

Well, I am back and I got the new car. Things went well except for the broken windshield. Isn't it funny how when you try so hard to be careful you always break something. Oh well, now I can relax because the first damage has been done.

Today was the oddest day. I have figured out that I have definitely hit mid life. I am in the middle of raising teenagers and helping care for an aging parent.

Life is funny how rolls change, the man who raised me alone, the man who seemed so strong, now has to be watched after as if he were a child. He tries so hard to be independent but his body just doesn't work anymore.

My dad spent the day wit h us today so my step mother could have some time with her daughter. My kids were wonderful, they spent time with him even though they would rather be any where else. I don't think they even know the joy that they bring him.

Zack took him to cut grass. I know that seems odd but my dad always loved tractors and lawnmowers. To see his grandson riding the tractor meant the world to him. I was so proud of the young man he has become. He has a gentle spirit that made a man without out much joy anymore very happy!


Life on the farm... said...

Did you hear what happened to Becca's car? Danny lowered the garage down on it, as she was backing out and crinkled the garage door and messed up her roof, ripped off her antenna!

Valarie said...

I just love your Daddy, oh heck, I just love your whole family. :)