Sunday, June 22, 2008

The World of Lucy

Well, I had a little trouble with the picture thing but I will not be defeated. Here I am again.

I think you are supposed to have a topic when you do this so today is.....Mid Life Crisis! I am not sure what that means but I think I am going to have myself one. I will be 45 tomorrow (so don't forget to tell me Happy Birthday) and I am getting a new car. Not just any car, a red dodge charger with a hemi! For the past forever I have been the ball park mom in the SUV. I didn't pick it because I wanted to be cool, i picked it because it was cool.

A car is a big purchase for me. I have had a hard time making this commitment. Not only did I buy this car I have to go to St.Louis to pick it up. My precious son has agreed to go on a road trip with his mom to pick it up. We are flying out on Wed. morning and driving it back. That should be a good topic!

Here is my new car! What cha think?????


Valarie said...

I'm think I can't wait until we can go in a road trip in your new car!!

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Love you so very much and I don't know what I would do without you!

Kerry said...

Hey Melinda,
I heard you mention at Sunday School that you did a blog. Dana has been wanting me to do one so I thought I would check out yours. It is great and it looks like everyone has fun making one. Im going to try to get one done soon.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I love the car.

April said...

I am ready for a road trip, AGAIN!!

Life on the farm... said...

Love the car! That's all my husband talked about during lunch!
Happy B'day!