Thursday, July 3, 2008


I'm currently in the midst of doing some redecorating and like most things I do it has some how grown out of control. It started with a little vinyl siding and it has grown to adding 3 additional rooms. You see I have this problem with making decisions... too many choices and I fall apart. So, you can now see I am in going to have a problem. Let me discuss my first issue, paint. I have a bedroom, a family room and a bathroom. Not a big deal you say! Well, see I am ADD (non medicated) and I can't stay focused on the task at hand. I have some how managed to add to the paint list, daughters room, main bathroom, office and bedroom. TOO MANY ROOMS! It's not the task of painting, I like that. I like to see my accomplishments and it is a non thinking task so it is pretty relaxing.

WAIT, I got off topic. Back to paint. I thought if I did that cute thing they do on TV and put all my paint chips on a piece of paper (my color pallet) it would help. Well, I was quite proud of myself and was only having problems with the primary walls in the family room. So, what do I do? I go to my dear friend Valarie who just happened to be with our dear friend Lorie. Now, this sounds good on the surface but keep in mind my friend Valarie who always has it together had the biggest fall-apart I have ever known her to have over paint for her own home. But, a trip to Lorie's for some sort of food party (we love those) and it was better. So it was only fitting that Lorie was once again there for "Paint Selection".

Boy, I almost left my topic again. Anyway, suggestions have been submitted by my girls and bad choices I made corrected. So now I am back on track again.

Normal people don't loose sleep over paint choices. But I suffer from the "Fear of Color". I love color I am just afraid of it. My philosophy is black and white always works!

FYI...I attempted the color thing on these great antique metal chairs, didn't work so well....That will be a topic for another day. I may even provide pictures. Put in your mind Kawasaki Green!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just Tuesday Thoughts

Well, I am back and I got the new car. Things went well except for the broken windshield. Isn't it funny how when you try so hard to be careful you always break something. Oh well, now I can relax because the first damage has been done.

Today was the oddest day. I have figured out that I have definitely hit mid life. I am in the middle of raising teenagers and helping care for an aging parent.

Life is funny how rolls change, the man who raised me alone, the man who seemed so strong, now has to be watched after as if he were a child. He tries so hard to be independent but his body just doesn't work anymore.

My dad spent the day wit h us today so my step mother could have some time with her daughter. My kids were wonderful, they spent time with him even though they would rather be any where else. I don't think they even know the joy that they bring him.

Zack took him to cut grass. I know that seems odd but my dad always loved tractors and lawnmowers. To see his grandson riding the tractor meant the world to him. I was so proud of the young man he has become. He has a gentle spirit that made a man without out much joy anymore very happy!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The World of Lucy

Well, I had a little trouble with the picture thing but I will not be defeated. Here I am again.

I think you are supposed to have a topic when you do this so today is.....Mid Life Crisis! I am not sure what that means but I think I am going to have myself one. I will be 45 tomorrow (so don't forget to tell me Happy Birthday) and I am getting a new car. Not just any car, a red dodge charger with a hemi! For the past forever I have been the ball park mom in the SUV. I didn't pick it because I wanted to be cool, i picked it because it was cool.

A car is a big purchase for me. I have had a hard time making this commitment. Not only did I buy this car I have to go to St.Louis to pick it up. My precious son has agreed to go on a road trip with his mom to pick it up. We are flying out on Wed. morning and driving it back. That should be a good topic!

Here is my new car! What cha think?????

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My First Post!

Well I am finally going to post to my lovely blog that my dear friend Valarie made for me.  I apologize to the 27 folks who came to visit and there was nothing to see. 

Well, here I go...First i will explain  my blog name.  I have two friends to whom I am Lucy to their Ethel.  Valarie and I have actually masqueraded as Lucy and Ethel and Sonia and I could have made a few new episodes with some of the situations we get ourselves into.    So the Lucy thing kinda stuck.

On occasion my hair is Red, It should be brown (that's what box said) but seems to always return to some form of red.  I have a husband named Ricky (he doesn't play bongos), and I have a little Ricky but we choose to call him Zack.  I also have a Jessi who is an add on to the original cast.  I have a big mouth and can cry at the drop of a hat.  I get into a lot of messes that started with good intentions.

Well, that wasn't so hard!  I am now going to attempt to add a picture.  If all goes well I will be back tomorrow.